During my Facebook adventures today, I found this story about a group of students who used their skills to help out some very deserving community members. 
 These students from Gimli High School (pictured above) sewed and donated over 50 pet beds to Manitoba Mutt Dogs Rescue, a registered, non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery and rehabilitation of abandoned, abused, and neglected dogs.  Reading this story absolutely warmed my heart.  I am so proud of these students and their teachers for recognizing that animals in the community need help, too, and for finding a creative way to show them some love.  From volunteering with my home-town's animal rescue organization, the Swan Valley Animal Protection League, I know that shelters and rescue organizations don't always have the funds to provide all of their animals with certain luxuries, like plush beds, because there's only enough money to cover basic necessities like food and medical care.  I plan to teach about animal rights and proper treatment when I become a teacher and this is one activity that I'm definitely going to add to my idea binder for my classroom(s).  Also in my binder, is the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies' Education kit.  

And, while we're on the topic of animal shelters, my puppy, Tatum, and I are entering the Regina Humane Society's 21st Annual Dog Jog, this Sunday.  If you can spare a couple extra bucks, please pledge us here.  We do all the work and you get to help local animals in need - it's win-win, really!  

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