I admit it, I have a textdency of leaving people hanging.  Sometimes it's for hours... sometimes it's for days!  
I'll read a text, then start doing something else, maybe read another text or make a phone call too, and by then the first text will have completely slipped my mind.  If I were to do this during an in-person conversation - ignore the speaker, leave him or her to go talk to someone else, eat lunch, and drive home, and then maybe finish the conversation with them after all that time has passed - it would be considered rude.  It seems like some forms of technology let us bend the rules of conversation etiquette. 

Do you think it's a good thing that technology lets us pick, choose, and prioritize who we reply to and if/when we do?  Does technology sometimes create more distance between people instead of making them more connected?  Does it make us more accountable or less?

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