What's that snazzy new purple thing at the bottom of my page(s), you ask?  It's Wibiya - my latest technological discovery!  
What's Wibiya, you ask?  Well, it's a program that allows you to link a whole bunch of cool web applications to your site through one handy little toolbar!  That's right - people can access their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Bookmarks from MY site!  They can also play video games on my site, see who's on my site in real time and chat with them, translate my page into a different language, browse my picture and video collections, and a whole lot more.  And after they do, Wibiya calculates how much each application has been used on my site and compiles that info into a convenient little graph for me.

What does this mean, you ask?  It means people will spend more time on my site because almost everything they need is right here!  More people will be able to find and access my site, too, which means I'll have more connections and, hopefully, more comments!  Plus - I'll be able to see which pages of mine are hot and which ones are not, and adjust my site accordingly. 

What do I do to get a Wibiya toolbar for my page, you ask?  Go to Wibiya's site, create an account, and start customizing your own toolbar.  All I ask is that you think of me while you're Wibiya-ing ;)

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