It's far from perfect but I'm starting to get this site to look and feel a little bit more like me! Initially, I had a different theme/template than the one you see now - it was pretty basic and I didn't like the colours but I chose to overlook that because I wanted my site and blog to be as easy to manage as possible.  But as I played around with it more I decided I wanted something a little more 'D-9-like' and found this template, which I absolutely love!  Firstly, my favourite colour is and always has been purple.  Secondly, I like having the pages tabs at the top of the screen (as opposed to a sidebar) because they seem easier to find that way.  Thirdly, this template has a HUGE area to post a main display picture (or pictures) to each page, whereas the other template did not.  And, for anyone that knows me and/or has been in my house, they know that I love to surround myself with pictures and collages of everything and everyone that is important to me.  

As I said though, I still have a lot of work to do on this page.  I want to have a different display picture on each page and quotes that reflect what each page is about.  I also want to get some of my education and radio work samples up here to get some feedback on and expand more under each tab (and add more tabs!)  I'm glad I added the Google Calendar to my home page because I often lose track of what day it is and seeing as I'm going to be spending so much time on here now, the calendar will keep me up-day-ted (har har!)  I also really like having the Twitter widget on here because it will hopefully lead to me having more followers!

What I think I like the most is that nothing I do on here is set in stone or has to be permanent.  I sometimes struggle with typical 'print-this-off-and-hand-it-in' type of projects and assignments because after I hand one in it feels so final and as if that's the best it's ever going to get.  On here, however, I can change my features weekly, daily, or even hourly, depending on what I'm feeling or what I've recently learned or experienced, and that feels awesome!  So don't be surprised if D-9's Domain never looks the same twice, because, as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life!   

5/11/2012 01:22:31 pm

Hey Denine! I'm Andrew, one of your fellow ECMP 355 classmates. Nice to meet you and a very nice job on your blog thus far!

Look forward to commenting on your blog more often :)

5/14/2012 02:15:14 pm

Hi Andrew! Thanks for being my first ever commentor!! I, too, am looking forward to commenting back and forth with you and our other ECMP 355 classmates.

I really like the "Interesting Sites" tab on your site. I've always been looking for a good quote site and now I have one thanks to you! And your dog, Slicker, is beautiful!


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