Let me tell you a (picture) story that's based on recent events from my life.  See if you can tell it back to me in words, please!  Once upon a time... 
6/11/2012 13:42:00

Once upon a time Denine wanted a rowing machine but she didn't have $939.00 to buy it. So she went to a yard sale and seen a rowing machine similar to the one she wanted. She pulled out $30 to pay for it at the yard sale and it was all hers. The end.

How was that? Pretty close :)

6/11/2012 14:08:50

You are good, Amber Lisoway, you are good. Thanks for taking the time to "read" my story. Funny thing is that I used to hate garage sales as a kid but now as an adult, and student no less, I love them!

Wendy Rogers
6/12/2012 13:48:46

Once apon a time Denine wanted to get into shape so she bought herself a rower. She used it religiously for the first month and then it started collecting dust. Because Denine was a University student, funds were limited and she had to sell her rower so she could put supper on the table. She was able to get $30 for the rower and but groceries for half a week!


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