As a pre-service teacher, I believe that it is very important to always ask myself, "What can I be doing better?"  For myself, I find that once I have been able to practice something several times, I tend to get comfortable with it and continue to do things in the same way that I learned/taught myself how to do it.  And what have I been doing lots of lately and getting comfortable with?... Blogging!  
Dean Shareski shared this blogging rubric on our ECMP 355 site, but I came across this article by MamaNYC tonight that describes ten areas of blogging that can be improved upon.  

I feel that MamaNYC's article has taken my understanding of blogging to the next level.  For example, when I try to come up with titles for each of my blog posts, I never really ask myself if they are clear enough - I usually just write something that relates to my own sense of humor... which may not make sense to all of my readers and, in turn, cause some of them to skip over my post (hopefully the title of this blog post gives a good overview of what readers can expect!)  Another very good point that I think MamaNYC makes in her article is that you should never close the book on your old blog posts.  Re-reference them in new blog posts to give them life again.  So, in taking her advice, I am going to give you the link to the blog post I wrote on June 16th that talks about how headlines can be misleading, because I feel that it relates to tip number five in MamaNYC's article. 

I had also never given any thought to what the URLs of my blog look like.  After reading MamaNYC's article, I tried googling some of the titles and keywords of my blog posts and, as MamaNYC predicted, none of my posts came up.  I tried looking for permalink info Weebly's help page and I, unfortunately, couldn't find anything.  If anyone knows how to edit permalink settings in Weebly, I would love it if you could let me know!

MamaNYC has also written about other ways to improve our online identities (i.e. in social networking and through the images we post.)  I recommend giving those posts a read too - you can find links to them at the bottom of this page, right before the comments section.

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