If I'm being honest, I was dreading having to make my own blog site.  I usually keep my 'trying-of-new-things' on the internet and with technology to a minimum, or I have someone help me with it (aka do it for me) because I have never really understood the relevance or importance of technology.  I know enough to get by (i.e. how to upload pictures to facebook and how to find journal articles for research papers) but I do not embrace technology as part of my everyday life.  But today I stepped out of my comfort zone and created this site (and a Twitter account, which I have linked to here too!) because it's time for me to get connected; connected to people that can help me during my journey of becoming a teacher and to people that I can, hopefully, call new friends.    

And do you know what the best part of creating this page today was (even though it still needs a lot of work!)?  I actually had F-F-FUN doing it!  I was (and am) amazed at how easy this whole Weebly program is to use and at the sense of freedom a personal blog brings!  I feel a sense of accomplishment that I, miss learned helplessness, was able to:
a) understand the instructions and support pages
b) create a basic site design
c) write about my experience in a positive way
I look forward to the comments I get from you, my new connections, and to the opportunity to create a multimedia reflection of myself on this space.  Just, please, bear with me at first, haha!

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