I have always enjoyed going for walks.  I walk to the bus stop, the grocery store, and now that I'm a dog owner, I walk anywhere from 2-3 hours a day. It's such a great way to get energized for the day or to unwind from the busy-ness of the daycare - there's the crisp fresh-air, the beautiful scenery, the gently chirping birds, and the... (squish!)... (moan)... dog poop that I just stepped in because someone didn't bother to pick up after their dog, AGAIN! 
Now I understand that we all have busy lives but if you can't take ten extra seconds to clean up after your dog - the dog that you made the commitment to love and take care of for upwards of ten years - maybe you should ask yourself why you got the dog in the first place.  I commend you for providing a home for a dog, who may not have otherwise been able to see what life outside of a shelter looks like, but neglected dog poop is gross, it makes our parks and sidewalks smell, and it gives all of us other (responsible) dog owners a bad name.  Non-dog owners see us and think it's our fault that they have to scrape their shoes off on the side of the curb.  Recently, Jeff and I had our boy, Tatum, enrolled in puppy class at Wascana Obedience Club and the instructor told us that some (unidentified-as-of-yet) people have been leaving poisonous 'dog treats' on the ground in some of Regina's parks as an attempt to eliminate this dog poop pick-up problem.  Surely it's better to spend the seven bucks at Petsmart on dog waste bags or to make use of that plastic bag collection that's been accumulating in your closet for years than to have people try to pick off your dog because you didn't pick up after him or her.  

Below are some pictures that I snapped on a short walk of mine and Tatum's today.  Needless to say, these droppings made for a slightly less-pleasant walk that involved more watching our steps than enjoying the warm sunny day.  And just incase anyone needs a refresher of the poop pick up process, here's a video that guides you through it step-by-step.  Oh, and let me take this time to assure you that I do not wear a fanny pack while walking my dog or during any other activities.  

Happy Picking! 

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