If you didn't happen to read my post from May 19th about the program Glogster EDU, well I forgive you.  But this post might make a little more sense if you do read it - and you can learn about a fun program where you can create multimedia posters, at the same time!
On my May 19th post, I included a link to a sample poster that I made on Glogster.  I tried to embed the poster onto my blog but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get it to fit into this column.  I tried adjusting the height and width numbers in the html code but it would just crop part of the poster off instead of resizing it. So I asked my blog readers if they knew how to resize custom HTML codes on Weebly and, thankfully, Miss W came through!  She told me to play around with the "scale" number in the HTML code (it's automatically set to 100%.)  So I set it to 50 and it scaled the poster down properly!  50 wasn't quite enough, though, so I tried a few different numbers and finally got it to fit.  I had to adjust the height number too, though, because there was a bunch of empty space underneath my poster that I couldn't get rid of so by adjusting the height, it cropped that empty space right off!  So, once again, here is my sample poster from Glogster EDU (and this time you don't have to leave my page to preview it!)
Thanks again Miss W for helping me solve my glog-resizing-problem!  The comments from my May 19th post are perfect examples of how technology can help connect you to a great support base.  Yay!
5/21/2012 22:38:30

So glad I could help! Ever since my own debacle with HTML, it's become a challenge I enjoy playing around with. Poster looks great!


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