Today at daycare, we took the kids to the new playground in Gocki Park, which is between Saint Augustine School and the Core Ritchie Neighbourhood Centre on 15th Avenue, here, in Regina.
The playground is amazing because it is fully accessible for children who use wheelchairs and/or children who may have other mobility issues or disabilities.  The whole structure is a slow ascending ramp and it includes lots of (sensory) bells and whistles and interactive features for all children.  
And the surrounding surface is even made from recycled car tires.  I went back after work and took a few pictures of it to show you that change is happening in Regina... for the better.  
“[L]ife does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn
6/19/2012 19:06:37

Thanks for sharing the pictures, the park looks great. I sure hope that it is not vandalized unlike the Rick Hansen park in Regina which has been burned, not once but twice! It still disgusts me that people would do such a thing especially since the park is intended for those who are physically handicapped.


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