This week I read an article entitled Why Twitter and Facebook Are Not Good Instructional Tools by an English and digital media teacher named Paul Barnwell.  In his article, Barnwell discusses how students do not use certain social networking sites, such as Twitter, to their full potential but, rather, they use them as a distraction from their school-work.  Barnwell also argues that certain web services, like Poll Everywhere and Prezi, do not offer any educational value because they allow students to use gimmicks, such as colourful graphics and fragmented text, to convey their ideas, and their novelty only lasts for a short amount of time. 

Something that I don't like to talk about a lot or to many people, for that matter, is that I have been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease.  It's a chronic condition that is, often, misunderstood and that has symptoms that are unpleasant to talk about, even at the best of times.