I had a great time in ECMP 355 Spring 2012.  
Here is a Glog to represent my key learnings.  Enjoy!
I have always and will always love Bryan Adams.  
I grew up on his music and developed my infatuation with live shows from going to his concerts.  It seems that no matter what kind of mood I'm in or where I am, his songs always put me at ease.  

Here's a picture that I snapped at Thursday's show (at the Brandt Centre), which was nothing less than spectacular, of course.  I think it pretty much sums up the night.
For the past few weeks, I have been busy organizing things for the summer program at Hope's Home, the daycare I work at.  The program is for school-age children with exceptionalities and/or diverse medical needs and their siblings.  One type of activity that we will be doing a lot of is what's called sensory play.  

As a pre-service teacher, I believe that it is very important to always ask myself, "What can I be doing better?"  For myself, I find that once I have been able to practice something several times, I tend to get comfortable with it and continue to do things in the same way that I learned/taught myself how to do it.  And what have I been doing lots of lately and getting comfortable with?... Blogging!  

I was able to sneak away to Winnipeg for a couple days this week for a much over-due visit.  Here's a list of my top nine favourite places to go while I'm here (and not necessarily in this order):

My old, er... I mean former boss at Hot 103 in Winnipeg posted the link to this article on his Facebook the other day.  I think that it is a great follow up to the ECMP 355 Tech Task 5a discussion(s) about the Coffee: Good for you or bad for you? article, in that it gives six examples of how the media manipulates or omits facts to present the version of the story that they feel will get more attention.  These (bad) examples can help us make our own writing as clear and as credible as possible.  My favourite example is probably the one of the politician who's preparing dinner for his family.  What's yours?
Today at daycare, we took the kids to the new playground in Gocki Park, which is between Saint Augustine School and the Core Ritchie Neighbourhood Centre on 15th Avenue, here, in Regina.

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