I wonder if the creators at Apple ever envisioned that the iCloud could help crack down on crime?

If you haven't heard of Hope's Home, it's probably because it's the first daycare of its kind in Canada.  It's a medical daycare, which means that children with diverse medical needs can learn, play, and be cared for in an inclusive environment.  Here's a video that gives a great overview of the daycare, its mission, and what's at the heart of it all - the children.

I'm still on cloud nine from what I accomplished at daycare today - I successfully brought two very diverse kids together.  It was near the end of the day when this break-through occurred; I only had two kids left in my care - one was a kid who uses a wheelchair and cannot speak and the other was a very outspoken kid who does not use a wheelchair.

Please have a listen to my first podcast, which discusses the (in)accessibility issues that surround people with disabilities.  
Remember this song...?

Hello, my name is Denine ("Hi Denine...") and I am an addict.  Two years ago, after I bought a Magic Bullet blending system, I started experimenting with various combinations of fruits and vegetables.  
Now, I am hooked... on smoothies.  I can't go a day without one.  If I do, I get really anxious and start to think of how I can get my fix.  

This week, I've been familiarizing myself with the art of podcasting.  Having worked in radio, 
I've developed an ear for audio that's been well-executed.  That being said, though, I'd never really listened to a podcast, per se, until a few days ago and I'm not really sure why that is. 

I admit it, I have a textdency of leaving people hanging.  Sometimes it's for hours... sometimes it's for days!  

Thanks to Erin Klein, an educator and blogger I subscribe to and follow on Twitter, I learned two things today: what a flipped classroom is and what an infographic is.